Our staff are trained and committed to providing a high level of service and are sensitive to building security office privacy and access procedures.


Office cleaning includes but is not limited to the following:

• Empty trash receptacles

• Dust furniture, picture frames, and other horizontal surfaces

• Clean partition glass and mirrors

• Remove smudges and spills from walls and light switches

• Clean and vacuum upholstery

• Spot clean carpet, detail corners and hard to reach areas

• Vacuum all carpeted areas

• Properly position furniture

• Restroom cleanup and sanitizing

Cycles are arranged for complete cleaning for carpets, floor polishing, window washing etc. Reporting any damage found or malfunctions of fixtures and equipment to allow appropriate action for repair.

Services provided may vary according to each clients specific needs. Additionally, custom services outside of the usual scope of work are common and can be arranged.

some of the industries where we provide Janitorial Services:

• Offices

• Hotels

• Airports

• Casinos

• Banks

• Retail Stores

• Financial Institutions

• Gyms/Fitness Centers

• Institutional Facilities

• Government Facilities

• Restaurants

• Condominium

• Sports Facilities

• Country Clubs

We have the professional, experience and the expertise that your company is looking for.

For more information on our customized office cleaning
services, please request a free estimate or feel free to call us at
786-274-9703. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.




When dealing with blood spillages great care must be taken. The following steps should be implemented.

1. The person responsible for cleaning up the spillage must move patient and other persons away from the spillage.

2. Protective clothing must then be worn: Face Visor, Gloves and Disposable Overalls. Also required will be a yellow plastic sack and disposable cloths.

3. Make sure the room is well ventilated before proceeding.

4. Cover the spillage with Dichloroisocyanurate granules in solution (read instructions for correct solution) and leave to act for approximtely 7 Minutes.

5. Stay away from the spillage while the solution is acting.

6. Mop up the spillage with disposable cloths until the are is clean.

7. Dispose of wipes and protective clothing in yellow plastic sack. Seal the sack and send it for incineration labelled with biohazard tape.

8. Wash and dry hands.

9. Spot clean the area with detergent.


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